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Natural deodorant cream Sweet Serenity

Natural deodorant cream Sweet Serenity

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We Love deodorant cream – 100% natural! Our Sweet Serenity deodorant from We Love The Planet contains no synthetic and polluting ingredients that are bad for your skin and our planet.

The natural ingredients in our deodorants have a calming and moisturizing effect. The soft deodorant cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not clog the pores. It helps you stay fresh naturally ! We Love The Planet deodorant creams are Eco-Control and Natural Cosmetics Standard certified.

The effect
Each of our deodorants has a combination of beeswax, coconut oil and cornstarch powder as a base.

This makes the deodorant easy to spread and leaves your skin velvety soft. The deodorizing effect is caused by baking soda, which naturally neutralizes odors. Each deodorant cream has its own scent by adding different natural ingredients.

Sweet Serenity natural deodorant cream
A fine scent of rose oil with honey and mild herbs.

Contents and instructions for use
Each deodorant cream contains 48 grams. If used daily, this is enough for approx. 2 to 3 months. A small amount applied once a day is enough for 24 hours of freshness. Are you sweating more or are you having an active day? Feel free to use them more often; After all, it is 100% natural!

The packaging

Our deodorant cream is packaged in a tin can. This is very easy to recycle and we also think about the environment here. The cans do not contain aluminum!


Coconut oil*, baking soda, corn starch powder, beeswax, caprylic acid, olive oil, perfume, tocopherol, sunflower oil*, citronellol**, St. John's wort oil, linalool**, coumarin**, eugenol**

* = from kbA

** = Component of essential oils

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