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Loofah disc 2cm

Loofah disc 2cm

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The sponge gourd ("Luffa aegyptiaca" or "Luffa cylindrica") is a pumpkin family, is a climbing plant and grows best in the tropics.

The fruit resembles a large zucchini and is used, among other things, in Asian cuisine.

The dried, fibrous inner layer of the pericarp creates a sponge that can be used, for example, as a peeling or kitchen sponge.

Cut into slices, it is a perfect, airy, natural soap dish - this allows the soap to dry optimally.

You can place the disc in a soap dish, on a plate or on the edge of the sink.

To clean it, you can wash the loofah in the washing machine.

It is a natural product and can therefore vary in color and size.

Diameter: approx. 40 - 60mm, height: approx. 20mm



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