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Burt`s Bees

Burt's Bees Watermelon Lip Balm Stick

Burt's Bees Watermelon Lip Balm Stick

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Lovely-sweet lip care
Burt's Bees® moisturizing lip balm naturally regenerates and beautifies lips and is infused with sweet, refreshing watermelon flavors.

100% Natural

Burt's Bees® Moisturizing Lip Balm nourishes, hydrates and leaves lips feeling healthy and fresh. The care balm is rich in nourishing fruit extract and beeswax to gently moisturize the lips. Nourishing oils and rich butters provide a luxurious feel. It is also 100% natural and free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. The rich care stick structure allows for gentle application. Thanks to its practical shape, you can easily take the care stick with you in your pocket or handbag and quickly give dry lips a fresh, matte look. Pamper your lips with Burt's Bees® Moisturizing Lip Balm.


- Rejuvenate your lips with Burt's Bees® Watermelon Lip Balm, made with beeswax, coconut oil and watermelon seed extract for long-lasting lip care with rich, sweet notes of watermelon, melon and leafy greens.
- Each tube contains beeswax, fruit extracts, nourishing oils and rich butters to moisturize dry lips. This luxurious care stick keeps your lips fresh and young.
- Care for your lips after just one use. It's also easy to apply thanks to its soothing balm structure and gives your lips a fruity, luxurious feel.
- Keep your lips fresh with 100% natural ingredients, made with fruit extract, beeswax, rich oils and butter - and free of parabens, phthalate, petrolatum or SLS.
- The nourishing lip balm is also available in a sweet, fresh melon flavor. This contains sweet melon, berry and sugar notes.


Helianthus annuus oil, Cocos nucifera oil, Cera alba, aroma*, Ricinus communis seed oil, lanolin, Citrullus lanatus seed extract, Theobroma cocoa bean butter, Butyrospermum parkii butter, tocopherol, Carthamus tinctorius oil, glycine soybean oil, citric acid, rebaudioside A.

*Flavour of natural origin.

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