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Solid Baby Shampoo & Shower - Hippo IPPO

Solid Baby Shampoo & Shower - Hippo IPPO

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Solid Baby Shampoo & Shower - Hippo IPPO

Recommended for the sensitive skin of children aged 3 and over

Weight 70g. This shower shampoo contains 650ml of liquid, which is equivalent to 3 bottles of regular shampoo.

Fragrance: FRUITS OF WOOD (forest fruits)

It's easy to get back in a good mood, you just need the right product! This colorful and fun shower shampoo will convince even the most mischievous children to take their daily shower, which will become an important play routine!

2-in-1 based on surfactants made from coconut oil and sugar, almond oil, organic rice starch and vitamin E. For soft, moisturized skin and shiny, easy-to-comb hair.

Moisten the product, lather in your hands, wash your body and hair. Rinse thoroughly and be careful not to let the foam come into contact with your eyes. Thanks to the extremely gentle formula, it is ideal for daily use. Vegan, contains no sulfates, preservatives or mineral oils.

Make sure that the foam does not come into contact with water for a long time, as it is based on sugary surfactants that can soften the product.

DISCOVER YOUR FABLE to read before bathing

Once Upon a time...

IPPO, a kind and voracious hippopotamus, loved to eat and his favorite fruits were blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. When he found 10, 100, or 1,000 of them, he stuffed them into his mouth and his little face turned purple.

He trudged home, but his mother stopped him: "You, my darling, have to take a bath first," but he had brought blackberries, raspberries and strawberries with him to bake a fabulous cake.

But his mother reminded him that to knead flour and eggs you have to be clean, and then: "Look," she said to him, "look at this beautiful soap, you can wash your head and body in it, and smell it their little scent of blackberries, strawberries and raspberries.
And with one jump IPPO jumped into the bathtub.


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