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La Savonnerie de Nyons

Eau de Parfum Homme - Tombeur

Eau de Parfum Homme - Tombeur

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La Savonnerie de Nyons - "Eau de Parfum Homme - Tombeur"

"Perfume yourself wherever you want to be kissed!" Said Coco Chanel. With this Eau de Parfum you can smell good from morning to night.

In fact, eau de parfum is much more concentrated than eau de toilette. The first contains about 15% to 20% perfume concentrate versus 5% for the second.
However, do not underestimate your skin's pH level, which plays an essential role in maintaining scent. The freshness of the floral scent, enhanced by the harmony of cedar wood, creates an irresistible charm. Don't resist!

Instructions for use:
For everyday use.



Alcohol denat, parfum (frangrance*), aqua, limonene, citral, citronellol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, benzyl, salicylate, alpha-isomethyl ionone, linalool, coumarin, eugenol

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