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La Savonnerie de Nyons

Alum stone - antiperspirant stick, 150g

Alum stone - antiperspirant stick, 150g

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La Savonnerie de Nyons – “Alum Stone - Antiperspirant Stick, 150g”

Alum stone is a recognized antiperspirant and not only covers body odors.
The alum stone helps limit sweat by blocking the sweat glands.
Lasts 24 hours and does not rub off on clothing.
This stone is also hypoallergenic, it contains no chemicals, perfumes or alcohol.
In contrast to other deodorants and antiperspirants, the alum stone lasts for months because it is very economical and ecological.

You can also use this alum stone as a remedy in case of a cut while shaving.

Another benefit of alum stone is its antibacterial effect in fighting acne. It tightens pores and allows pimples to heal quickly.


Alum stone

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